Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Build 25001

- ADDED: (Not in UL) New rotation animation options: "Curtains" and "None" (for swift rotation). Tks zemrwhite2!
- ADDED: SMS skin by yxyn
- ADDED: Option to manually install Cab files during autorun (Put them into SD subfolder in XDA_UC folder). Tks to Kampos for the suggestion.
- ADDED: Office 2010 (Not in UL)
- ADDED: Option to customise startup/ shutdown sounds (Put Poweroff.wav and Poweron.wav into your XDA_UC folder)
- ADDED: PIMBkup for easy backup before re-flashing (M2D only)
- ADDED: Torch button + icon (M2D only)
- ADDED: Color battery icon
- CHANGED: Replaced some default tones with more subtle ones
- CHANGED: Slight changes to lockscreen
- CHANGED: Slight improvements to touch/scrolling
- CHANGED: Some graphical interface changes
- FIXED: Issue with missing back button in some themes
- FIXED: Issues with loading themes and adding exceptions in S2U2 (tested with v2.30)

02 Feb 2010

Download: Mediafire (82.6MB)

Free storage: 127 MB
Free memory: 57 MB

02 Feb 2010

Download: Mediafire (62.4 MB)

Free storage: 153 MB
Free memory: 64 MB