Friday, January 15, 2010

Build 21889

15 Jan 2010

218xx builds, while not as finger-friendly, have much better responsiveness compared to other branches. Thus I thought UL users would like to try out his build. Don't plan to make M2D for this build though.

Managed to fix some bugs with the BTAR files, so I've added them back in for this build. Soundtester doesn't work with BTAR fix, so use the included AudioGainControl in the tools folder instead if you need to fine-tune the volume.

I've also fixed some compatibility issues with 3rd-party applications such as PlumSIP and S2U2 in this release.


- BTAR fix back in. Lock on wakeup now works properly without using Chobit Smartlock.
- FIXED: Adding exceptions to S2U2 works properly, tested with v2.24 (note: S2U2 is not included)
- FIXED: PlumSIP should work properly (note: not included)
- ADDED: SMS skin by yxyn
- ADDED: Option to manually install Cab files during autorun (Put them into SD subfolder in XDA_UC folder). Tks to Kampos for the suggestion.
- ADDED: m.carroll's Pureblack2 theme
- ADDED: Option to customise startup/ shutdown sounds (Put Poweroff.wav and Poweron.wav into your XDA_UC folder)
- CHANGED: Increased pagepool to 8MB

Download: Mediafire (54.9MB) (v2, fixed crash when autorotate is on)

Free Storage: 164 MB
Free Memory: 63 MB