Friday, May 14, 2010

Build 23118

Build 23118

A COM3 build by popular request smile.gif Seems there's no bold camera fonts bug in this build as well. Differences in COM3 build include the display of your Operator in the lockscreen, and instant update of the battery icon when you plug/unplug. I've integrated threaded email and the latest Office Mobile as well, so you won't miss out on the goodies from COM5 builds.

Other new stuff include the ability to open SWF games directly. Tap and hold to bring up a menu where you can toggle fullscreen mode. I've also made changes to the Autorun procedure, you can safely tap on the screen to continue without waiting for it to reboot first. It will reboot once after all your cabs are installed.

EDIT: Left out the FM Radio shortcut while tidying up some files, here's a quick fix for that.

What's new:
- Added InboxExtender
- Added TV Out Viewer
- Added Connected Home
- Added support for opening SWF files
- Added Chobit SmartLock
- Added SRSWOW as some were having BT audio issues (not included in UL)
- Added AudioNotes to Premium build
- Added SmartReader to Premium build

What's changed:
- Updated Google Maps to version 4.1 (with voice search)
- Streamlined cab installation process - now it requires only one reboot
- Some housekeeping for icon names

- Removed OmniaLite File Manager from Premium

GTX Edition

Presenting... 23118 GTX Edition: a one-time special build for those who like light themes smile.gif

Special thanks to ElCondor who has given me permission to create a GTX-style theme for M2Dv2 based on his original concept. Included are icons from younxt, a hybrid WM theme from gfandrea and Jeffrey2000 (with some new controls by me). I've created from scratch some of the M2D graphics, and added a brand new Nitrogen skin to match the theme.

I've kept only TouchInput as the keyboard and added S2U2 2.41 as I use these two myself. Programs wise, it has all the goodies from my Premium roms. Do note that I've removed the flip clock and the digits may disappear on the first run as M2D loads the files. If you use HTC Music tab, install the HTC Audio Manager cab from my second post to enjoy the new theme.

A cab file to install this on other roms is not possible as I've completely removed certain files.
However, I've made a package of all my skin graphics for those who want to make edits cool.gif Do note that this package is for those who want to amend the GTX theme, and may not work correctly on my older roms.

Updated: 13th May 2010

Free Storage: 87 MB
Free memory: 57 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror (101 MB)

Updated: 12th May 2010

Free Storage: 88 MB
Free memory: 55 MB

Download: Mediafire | Advancedpcs Mirror (103 MB)

 Reduced: 88% of original size [ 576 x 640 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 10th May 2010

Free Storage: 120 MB
Free memory: 56 MB

Download: Upload Jockey | Mirror (90 MB)

Updated: 12th May 2010

Free Storage: 125 MB
Free memory: 56 MB

Download: Direct Link by Sinaaa | Mirror (85 MB)

 Reduced: 88% of original size [ 576 x 320 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 10th May 2010

Free Storage: 141 MB
Free memory: 64 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror (73 MB)

 Reduced: 71% of original size [ 720 x 400 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 12th May 2010

Free Storage: 169 MB
Free memory: 64 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror (51 MB)