Sunday, December 12, 2010

Build 23118 (Eclipse and GTX Refreshed)

Build 23118

 Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 400 ] - Click to view full image

Ok, so GTX refreshed wasn't my last rom before I go on hiatus wink.gif 

Here's a dark edition of M2D to add to my 23118 portfolio.

I've added a notification bar which lights up if you've any missed calls, unread items etc, and free up one slot for the launcher bar, which was previously taken by the phone icon.

Do note that the launcher bar uses M2DTP. Make sure that M2D is running first if you wish to use M2DC to customise stuff. This would solve hangs that some are reporting.

Big thanks to r04d5t3r for his Minimalism Nitrogen skin, and Bakuryu91 for his GTX icon set

I've tried to make a cab for TouchInput, but wasn't successful. Thus, I've made three editions for you to choose from, including a lite version that doesn't come with a keyboard, home launcher and notification bars, and OmniaLite apps. Take your pick from below cool.gif 
Download hosting courtesy of Sinaaa from, thanks!

Thanks everyone for your support all this while. It's been a pleasure sharing my creations with this great community, and I'll still be around in these forums smile.gif 

Updated: 3rd September 2010

ock Eclipse 23118(TouchInput)
Free Storage: 90 MB
Free memory:54 MB
Download: Direct Link | Mediafire (99 MB)

ock Eclipse 23118 (OmniaKeyboard)
Free Storage: 92 MB
Free memory:54 MB
Download: Direct Link | Mediafire (98 MB)

ock Eclipse 23118 (Lite)
No S2U2, Notification & launcher bars, OmniaLite apps, keyboard included
Free Storage: 133 MB
Free memory:57 MB
Download: Direct Link | Mediafire (79 MB)

Launcher + Notification bars for lite version

EclipseGrey WM theme

Rugal's Lite dialer with my simple skin

 Reduced: 86% of original size [ 591 x 331 ] - Click to view full image

EDIT: To fix the wifi toggle, just edit to point the shortcut to \windows\Wifi_ON-OFF.exe or simply install AKtogglewifi (which I installed via xda_uc, hence my failure to spot this 'bug')

Here's an update to my most-downloaded rom of all time, presenting: GTX 23118 refreshed smile.gif

I've made some new skins for the people, action and launcher tabs to complete the GTX look in M2D. Tweaked also a few things on my ClassicGrey skin.

Integrated on the home tab is a quick launcher for your favourite programs, along with a missed call notification icon. DarkNinja and pin12's Android toolbar is also included. To change an icon, tap and hold an icon. To add or remove icons, tap and hold the area just above the icons.

New in this "refreshed" version is full landscape mode in TouchInput. I've fixed the T9 mode and also enabled T9 for a few more languages.

I've included an alternative dialer (thanks Rugal!), with a simple GTX skin I've made. Do note that it does not support video calling. Use the Dialer Switcher inside the tools folder to switch between WM/GTX/OmniaLite dialers without having to soft reset.

What's new:
  • Added launch bar with missed call notification to home tab
  • Added some regional settings
  • Added lite Dialer and dialer switcher, ported by Rugal
  • Added new GTX skin for lite dialer
  • Added tool to reset left softkey to"lock" (in S2U2 folder)
  • Added landscape mode in TouchInput, with fixed landscape t9 and additional languages
What's changed:
  • Added new taskbar icons by DarkNinja and pin12 (thanks!)
  • Re-skinned S2U2 battery charging icon
  • People theme is now skinned GTX-style
  • Re-skinned programs tab
  • Re-skinned action tab with Bakuryu91's icons, thanks!
  • Repositioned home tab elements for a cleaner look
  • Retouched a few graphics in my ClassicGrey WM theme
  • UPXed a few more apps
  • Restored DXID BT drivers
Updated: 1st September 2010

Free Storage: 89 MB
Free memory: 53 MB

Download (101 MB) : Mediafire | Direct link (on 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Build 23129

Build 23129

 Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 450 ] - Click to view full image

Hi everyone, I'm back with a new rom for the i900 smile.gif 

This time I've tried out 23129 after some issues with 25018, so far it's running smoothly for me wink.gif 
I've added full portrait and landscape BlueGrey keyboard skins for our Spanish friends too.

For this build, inspired by Jumba's BlueSteel theme (still one of the classiest skins for M2D I've ever seen), I've found some time to make some themes to add on to his excellent work. I hope Jumba won't mind me using his excellent art piece (dropped a note to him though, but guess he's busy with work tongue.gif ?) Thanks for your themes, Jumba!

New in this build is a fully-skinned Omnia keyboard (landscape and portrait supported, as well as phonepad and keypad), and a brand-new WM6.5.X theme. I've kept the core of my kitchen as I'm happy if it so far cool.gif 

What's new:
- Added BlueSteel M2D skin (with flip clock) by Jumba
- Added BlueSteel WM lockscreen by Jumba
- New WM theme, PremiumGrey (by me)
- New Omnia keyboard skin (by ock)

What's changed:
- Slight edits to Showcase skin to fit theme
- Updated HTC Calculator (from LEO)

What's fixed:
- Replying emails should work correctly now
- Fixed bug when opening photos from Titanium
- Fixed minor skin issues with HTC Calculator
- Hopefully BT audio issues would be solved (Thanks acrocosm and yonn1981)

Updated: 12th August 2010

Free Storage: 89 MB
Free memory:55 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirrors by xavierf (100 MB) 

Updated: 15th August 2010

Free Storage: 120 MB
Free memory:56 MB

Download: Mediafire (88 MB) 

 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 356 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 15th August 2010

Free Storage: 125 MB
Free memory:56 MB

Download: Mediafire (84 MB) 

 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 356 ] - Click to view full image

By request, a Titanium-only version of Premium version smile.gif . Contains all the goodies of the Premium version, Omnia keyboard added too.

Updated: 16th August 2010

Free Storage: 116 MB
Free memory:63 MB

Download: Mediafire (91 MB) 

Updated: 15th August 2010

Free Storage: 146 MB
Free memory:62 MB

Download: Mediafire (70 MB) 

 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 356 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 15th August 2010

Free Storage: 169 MB
Free memory:63 MB

Download: Mediafire (51 MB)