Friday, February 19, 2010

Build 22004


- CHANGED: High-res icons (packaged by Sb. laugh.gif )
- CHANGED: Larger email preview in M2D wink.gif
- CHANGED: New boot screen
- CHANGED: Notification sounds
- REMOVED: BTAR Fix (may upload BT-fixed version)
- REMOVED: Rotation animations (install this cab if you want "Curtains" and "none" options)
- ADDED: GPSXtra from OmniaLite
- ADDED: Showaco's CHome Editor (in TitaniumClassic) last-minute request by Chuphy wink.gif
- ADDED: ObexInbox (in tools)
- ADDED: Dial-up Enable/Disable (Not in UL)

Free Storage: 73.3 MB
Free memory: 58 MB

Download: Mediafire (98.8 MB)

Note: Shake & Save in above screenshot not included.

Free Storage: 149 MB
Free memory: 65 MB

Download: Mediafire (64.5 MB)

Updated: 18 Feb 2010

Free Storage: 123 MB
Free memory: 57 MB

Download: Mediafire (83 MB, fixed version )

EDIT: For those who have downloaded the 1st version of M2D 22004 before I removed the link, please install this cab to add Camera shortcut and fix the double scrollbar in messaging.

The above link is the updated version, with call log and phonebook included too.

Updated: 17 Feb 2010

Free Storage: 171 MB
Free memory: 65 MB

Download: Mediafire (49 MB wink.gif )