Sunday, February 7, 2010

Build 23529

07 Feb 2010

Presenting... TitaniumSense (beta) with gchris's skin . Thanks to gchris for his permission to allow me to cook this in. Do read his first post first on how to configure weather, apps etc. Note that Opera, Nitrogen etc in my screenshots below are not included

Do note that landscape mode is not supported for the Today screen. I've tested this for half a day, hope the sleep problem is gone. As for some issues with video recording, if you notice that it starts recording in slow-mo, do a soft reset, which fixes this problem.

Here's a cab I've put together if you want to install it on other builds. Full credits to gchris for his excellent work.

Download: Mediafire (67.4MB)

Free storage: 146 MB
Free memory: 62 MB


- ADDED: "None" and "Curtain" Rotation animations back in
- ADDED: BTAR back in
- CHANGED: Lockscreen now uses your custom wallpaper

06 Feb 2010


- FIXED: 3G icon
- FIXED: Problems running Java programs
- REMOVED: "None" and "Curtain" Rotation animations, was not working in my test build.
- ADDED: ADC back in, hope it solves operator/connection issues
- ADDED: kept Classic Blue theme
- CHANGED: Lockscreen now uses your custom wallpaper (Edit: Or maybe not...  Working on fix)

Download: Mediafire (84.6MB)

Free storage: 122 MB
Free memory: 56 MB