Friday, January 8, 2010

Build 23518

BTAR is not included in this release. My next release would add BTAR back again.


- New COM5 Build 23518 with Office Mobile 2010 and threaded email
- FIXED: Time reset bug
- FIXED: Youtube works correctly now (M2D only)
- FIXED: TCalendar can now be launched from Titanium home screen (Not in UL)
- FIXED: Google Maps should not crash now when enabling GPS (M2D only)
- FIXED: "Internet Explorer Cannot Download Blank" error
- FIXED: Missing notification sliders on M2D version
- IMPROVED: Performance tweaks
- IMPROVED: Minor touch response tweaks
- IMPROVED: Reduced lag on lockscreen
- IMPROVED: Faster cab installation/ autorun process
- IMPROVED: Replaced almost all remaining low-res icons
- IMPROVED: Warning before soft reset after cab installation
- REMOVED: Startup and shutdown sounds
- REMOVED: BTAR fix (couldn't solve touch screen bug when playing audio)
- ADDED: Dusk Lockscreen (by  grzegorz10 and modified by Sector)

EDIT: I've left in AudioGainControl by mistake. If you need to do advanced tweaking of the volume, download and install the Soundtester cab.

EDIT: There have been initial reports that battery drain is heavier in this version. If so, install this  cab and softreset. This restores the power-saving tweaks which were removed from this version.

Updated: 08 Jan 2010

Download: Mediafire  ( 83 MB)
Free storage:  125 MB
Free memory:  56 MB

Audio Manager and HTC Album not included. If you need them, install these 2 cabs, enable their respective tabs using M2DC, and soft reset.

Updated: 08 Jan 2010

Download: Mediafire (65 MB)
Free storage: 151 MB
Free memory:  60 MB

08 Jan 2010

For those who prefer to install the latest of everything by cabs  

EDIT: Updated version to fix error with clock.exe not launching. If cab installation does not start automatically, run it from the Tools folder in the start menu. It will install your cab files and tidy up some shortcuts, and then will restart automatically once it's done.

Download: Mediafire (53 MB)
Free storage:  169 MB
Free memory:  65 MB

- Chinese font (If you need it: Kaidi cab uploaded by tim1979)
- Samsung Volume Control
- NoData
- FavHacking
- Alarm sounds
- Office
- OneNote
- Marketplace
- Flash Lite 3.1
- OmniaLite apps (Phonebook, callog etc)