Sunday, March 14, 2010

Build 23545

Build 23545

Finally solved the mystery of the video recording issue in 235xx builds laugh.gif Here's 23545, with threaded email and email flags.

EDIT: S2U2 Users, install this cab to fix issues with touch in S2U2 Menus.

Big thanks to fense and advancedpcs for providing mirrors!

I've gotten DINIK's permission to cook his Anastasia Icon Set and have in fact planned to, but it seems some icons weren't changed.

I've thus not cooked these icons in, but I've packaged a special cab for those who like his icons to try out on my roms. Tested on Premium, should work for my other roms too. I can't guarantee complete compatibility with other roms though, due to different start menu layouts other chefs may use. Thanks also to AnnPhe for introducing Dinik's brilliant work to Modaco. UseJWMD icon changer to change other icons you may have.


Ok, now on to my roms!

- UPDATED: Youtube updated to v2.4.4 (M2D only)
- CHANGED: Incoming Call lockscreen with bigger contact photo (by condorx)
- FIXED: Problem with video recording (which was on 23534)

Updated: 13th Mar 2010

I've put Opera Mini is in this build, very impressed by its responsiveness.

Free Storage: 81 MB
Free memory: 55 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror1 | Mirror2 (98.9 MB)

 Reduced: 71% of original size [ 720 x 800 ] - Click to view full image

EDIT: Some have reported issues with replying to sms. Try this cab, and soft reset.

My first M2D classic build smile.gif Was trying something different, and saw htctoucher's M2D skin. Very impressed by his sleek and classy theme. This version of M2D also has a missed call notification bar on the homescreen - no need to install additional apps to get this function. I've added HTC Album, but left out HTC Audio Manager - S2U2 and Nitrogen are better alternatives.

Just a note about M2D v1, cities in weather tab may not scroll properly, but you can type in the name of your city (faster too!). Also, icons in the program tab use their exe icons, and will not reflect any custom ones you may use.

Updated: 12th Mar 2010

Free Storage: 123 MB
Free memory: 56 MB

Download: MediafireMirror1 | Mirror2 (78.8 MB )

 Reduced: 71% of original size [ 720 x 800 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 13th Mar 2010

Free Storage: 121 MB
Free memory: 56 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror1 | Mirror2 (85 MB )

 Reduced: 71% of original size [ 720 x 400 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 12th Mar 2010

Free Storage: 148 MB
Free memory: 63 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror1 | Mirror2 (65.5 MB)

 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 356 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 13th Mar 2010

Free Storage: 172 MB
Free memory: 65 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror1Mirror2 (48 MB)