Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Build 23541

Build 23541

EDIT: Seems there's a problem with video recording with 235xx builds. wacko.gif If you don't take videos, you can download the new builds below, or you can try 22004, just updated a week ago.


- New build 23541 with Threaded email and Office 2010 (tks Da_G)
- CHANGED: Enabled Unicode in SMS by default
- CHANGED: Black dialer skin
- CHANGED: Long hold on menu key assigned to Homescreen
- ADDED: Support for reg and xml files in XDA_UC

Added EZInput Keyboard with T9 (LANDSCAPE NOT SUPPORTED)
Press and hold the keyboard button on the centre of the bottom bar to switch keyboards.

Free Storage: 70 MB
Free memory: 56 MB

Download: 4shared (101 MB)

Updated: 27 Feb 2010

Free Storage: 123 MB
Free memory: 57 MB

Download: 4Shared (82.7 MB ) Mediafire giving me problems sad.gif

Free Storage: 149 MB
Free memory: 64 MB

Download: 4shared (64.5 MB)

Updated: 27 Feb 2010

Free Storage: 172 MB
Free memory: 66 MB

Download: 4shared (48 MB )