Friday, November 20, 2009

HIDE13 M2D (WM build 28002) by Nicklashidegard

Just updated my rom to build 28002. Not much has changed. There is more free ram (extra 4-5MB in M2D) for those who do heavy multi-tasking. Earlier builds usually achieve around 48 MB.

As in Nicklashidegard's previous roms, flicking through the start menu is a joy, with no accidental clicks. You do have to install FTouchSL to get smooth scrolling in areas such as Email and WM's FileManager (if you do use it).

Titanium is included and starts up by default, so don't worry that you've downloaded the wrong rom. Just go to settings--home to enable TouchFlo. Advanced Config is finally included in this release. NoData would be a good inclusion though. The included M2D Operator Settings tool enables a second launcher tab and allows you to add programs to it.


Info and download @ Modaco