Sunday, June 13, 2010

Build 23569 - alphaUI

Build 23569

Introducing... alphaUI, a brand new theme made for XIAMultiTheme (XMT) smile.gif

After my GTX release, I decided to take a look at alternative UIs, and XMT caught my eye for its customisability. alphaUI features a program launcher written entirely using XML and MSCR files, a showcase of the flexibility of XMT and Mortscript.

Built-in gesture support means each of the 4 panels is one swipe away. Flicking down on the home screen brings down the Music panel, while the Launcher panel can be "pulled" up from the home screen. The Quick Settings and Agenda panels are to the left and right of the home screen. Do note that only portrait mode is supported.

Programs-wise, it contains most of the apps from my Premium Roms, except HTC Album.

- Gesture support for navigating between panels
- Music panel (BETA) with album art support
- 3-page Launcher panel that holds up to 36 shortcuts, just swipe to switch screens
- Quick Settings panel for access to common controls
- Agenda panel displaying 4 of your upcoming appointments
- Quick notification icons displaying new sms, emails, missed calls and tasks
- Entirely Mortscript and XML based - customise it the way you want

What's new:
- Added Brazil phone config
What's changed:
- Made minor edits to icons
What's fixed:
- Fixed issue with missing left softkey when BT is on.

Updated: 13th June 2010

Free Storage: 117 MB
Free memory: 60 MB

Download: Advancedpcs (92 MB)

stefanux - XIAMultiTheme
Mirko Schenk - Mortscript
Axman - apptx.exe
~LavAna - Weather icons 

Quick FAQs:

1) How can I change the wallpaper?
Disable the XIAMultiTheme plugin by going to Start-Settings-Home-Items, then copy a 240x400 png file named "home.png" into \Program Files\XIAMultiTheme\themes\ock_alphaUI\Images\Wallpapers\
Similarly, wall1.jpg, wall2.jpg and wall3.jpg can be overwritten if you want to have different backgrounds for the 3 program launcher screens

2) How can I edit or remove a shortcut I added to the Home panel/ Launcher panel?
Simply tap and hold an icon and select the relevant option.

3) How can I quickly add lots of programs to the program launcher? The Launcher panel closes after I add each one.
Tap and hold on the add icon and the Launcher panel will stay open after you add each shortcut.

4) Why doesn't the album art update?
Due to some technical issues, XMT can't use the album art directly from Nitrogen. The album art thus does not update if you skip a song using Nitrogen. Opening and closing the Music panel will refresh the album art.

5) Why does the song title appear glitched when skipping songs via gestures?
This occurs sometimes and may be due to the way screen refreshing is done. Using the button controls doesn't cause this issue.

6) Why does my screen turn itself off when I try to turn it on?
You are most likely using S2U2. Close Nitrogen before locking your device. If you're listening to music, you can use the screen off button in the Music panel.

7) Why doesn't my appointments show up on my Home panel?
Only the next appointment occurring within a day are shown, a standard behaviour of WM's appointment registry keys. The Appointment panel however can show the next 4 appointments.

8) How can I update the weather status?
Tap on the weather icon and enter you city code.
You can find out you city code by going to Yahoo weather and searching your city under "Enter city or zip code:" If I search "New York" for example, a new page will load with the numbers 2459115 in the url. This will be your city code.
To reconfigure your city, simply tap and hold on the weather icon.

9) Can I use the Music Panel with S2P/ WMP/ HTC AudioManager?
Only Nitrogen is supported.