Friday, April 16, 2010

Build 23557

Build 23557

Have been busy these few weeks, but have managed to spend some time fixing some bugs reported here, hope my roms are getting better smile.gif I've also added some graphical enhancements such as DJ Pete's amazing Sense lockscreen, with lots of tweaks to fix the clock display. Install this cab and copy a file named lockscreenP.png into \Windows if you would want a separate wallpaper for the lockscreen.

Added back in is the EZInput keyboard with its superb T9 engine (no camera button bug finally!), and I've updated GoogleMaps to version 4 thanks to Petter88 and Nick biggrin.gif . I'm still figuring out how to optimise the ram consumption of the flipping clock though, so I've kept it in for the time being.

Remember to leave your Omnia to automatically restart once at the "tap here to start" screen (don't tap the screen first).

EDIT: In case you experience weird squares in Google Maps and Youtube, install this cab and soft reset.

What's new:
- EZInput back in Premium (without the camera button bug wink.gif )
- New lockscreen by DJ Pete (in M2D versions) See also Hanusch's lockscreens on pg113
- New alert sound
- New splash screen
- Added HTCEmuPanel (Thanks Nick!)
- Support for easily changing the splash screen (put your welcomehead.96.png into XDA_UC folder)
- Added default alarm sounds to UltraLite

What's changed:
- Russian black volume control skin cabbed by bgill55/bga7x
- Reverted JBlend to original version
- Google Maps updated to version 4 (in M2D versions)
- Updated SDKCERTS

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug with REG file import during autorun
- Saving in OmniaLite PhotoAlbum works now (tks kennypotatoes for reporting)
- FM Radio 'slow-mo' recording playback
- Added missing dismiss/ snooze icons
- Fixed missing Comm manager in Manila Classic
- Fixed missing images in Manila Classic location tab

- Threaded SMS Skin(to fix issues with long sms). Get them if you like them here : link1 link2
- Removed SRSWOW HD from UL
- Removed Omnia Volume Control from UL

Updated: 10th Apr 2010

Free Storage: 83 MB
Free memory: 57 MB

Download: Mediafire | Advancedpcs Mirror (tks!) (99 MB)

Updated: 10th Apr 2010

Free Storage: 120 MB
Free memory: 56 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror (86 MB)

Updated: 11th Apr 2010

Free Storage: 127 MB
Free memory: 56 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror (81 MB)

Updated: 10th Apr 2010

Free Storage: 148 MB
Free memory: 64 MB

Download: Mediafire | Mirror (66 MB)

 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 356 ] - Click to view full image

Updated: 10th Apr 2010

Free Storage: 172 MB
Free memory: 64 MB

Download: Direct Link | Mirror (48 MB)